Optimal protection simply makes things last longer!

KOMAT Koller Korrosionsschutz GmbH was founded at the beginning of 1995 by Alexander Koller, having previously spent some ten years in an executive position with a well-known company for corrosion protection and maintenance.

Following the relocation of the company from Wiener Neudorf to Guntramsdorf at the end of 1998, at the beginning of 2001 we expanded with the addition of a corrosion protection plant in Brunn/Gebirge.

The expanding business activities of the KOMAT company in Germany made it necessary to open another plant in Nuremberg in the year 2002.  
Finally, at the beginning of 2004 we founded KOMAT Korrosionsschutz GmbH in Leuna near Leipzig (Germany). This was followed by investments and subsidiary companies in Austria, Germany, Russia and Romania.

In 2011 the KOMAT Koller Korrosionsschutz GmbH has been changed to KOMAT Korrosionsschutz GmbH & Co KG in accordance with the regulations of the transformation act.

On the strength of its successful projects in the Netherlands, France, Malta, Russia, Lithuania and many other countries, KOMAT Korrosionsschutz GmbH & Co KG has established an excellent reputation for itself world-wide when it comes to corrosion protection, maintenance and a wide range of specialized projects. And it is you – our customer – that benefits from all this experience!

Pay us a visit!

The office premises of KOMAT Korrosionsschutz GmbH & Co KG are located about 12 km to the south of Vienna in Guntramsdorf industrial park. At our head offices here, you will not only be given a warm reception and a good cup of coffee, but you will also find our premises are complete with two meeting rooms fitted with the latest multimedia presentation equipment such as beamers, screens and sound systems.

We look forward to your visit!