Customized production of
FFU synthetic wood

Customized production of FFU synthetic wood
How is Eslon Neo lumber composite material turned into FFU Synthetic wood for railway sleepers?
Individual glass fibre strips are gathered together into a packet of direction-oriented glass fibres and polyurethane is poured over it at a high pressure in a pore-free manner.

What possibilities are there for works pre-production for the customer?
Customer’s drawings define the stable and exact dimensions of the sleepers and railway bridge ties of FFU synthetic wood.

  • Up to the present, point’s sleepers up to a length of 9.6 m have been supplied.
  • Bridge sleepers for steel structures with dimensions of e.g. 300/300/3500 mm
  • Special cross sections with a height reduced to 100 mm

The Client has the possibility of producing mm-exact products according to approved drawings and to supply them to the site.

This, among others for:

  • Over-heights in form of doubling.
  • Milling out rivet heads
  • Milling out strengtheners for top flanges steel structures
  • Surface sanding
  • Desired planned surface designs
  • Notches

Noise reduction with FFU “Low Noise”
A specially developed FFU Synthetic wood technology for the reduction of noise on railway bridges with open steel structures

If desired, every FFU Synthetic wood is marked at the front sides in accordance with the laying plan and subsequently installed at site at the correct position.