Eslon Neo Lumber
FFU synthetic wood
for railway sleepers

FFU sleepers are manufactured either by means of pultrusion or extrusion.
Glass fibres are soaked in polyurethane and the linkage is then hardened at a raised temperature. The whole process is controlled in a drawing tool. The natural fibrous structure of the wood is mimicked.

Life in excess of 50 years
Density and working properties as for wood
Electrical conductivity very low
Chemical resistance very high
Life cycle costs minimum
Maintenance costs minimum
Stable customized production in mm accuracy
Full reusability due to closed material cycle
Maximum availability of railway track


 European premiere of FFU synthetic wood for Zollamt bridge project in Vienna


 Approval for FFU synthetic wood for Germany by EBA (Deutsch) (2MB)

 RTR-Railway journal - "The use of sleepers made of FFU synthetic wood in Europe" (1MB)

 Processing guidelines FFU synthetic wood (620KB)

 Catalogue Eslon Neo Lumber FFU synthetic wood for railway sleepers (586KB)

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