projects with
FFU Synthetic wood

How many Kilometres have been completed with Eslon Neo Lumber FFU composite material since 1985?
The adding together of bridges, switches and tunnel projects in which FFU synthetic wood has been used since 1985 up to 2009 equals to a rail length of 925 km.

This means that in the past 24 years an average of more than 38 km of rails/year have been installed with Eslon Neo Lumber FFU synthetic wood for railways.

The use of Neo Lumber is in use for LRT systems with low axle loads as well as also for axle loads of more than 30 t.

The greatest use of Eslon Neo Lumber FFU composite material has been in Japan on the high-speed network of the Shinkansen and the regional railways of the Metros.

In Taiwan , China and Austria , commercially responsible users and owners of the rail infrastructure are increasingly turning to FFU synthetic wood and its long-term utility and advantages.

Main areas of use of FFU synthetic wood:

  • Railway bridges with open steel structures
  • Switch sleepers in the area of ballast and slab track
  • Sleepers in mono and bi-block
  • Train junctions
  • Project-referenced special cross sections

 Reference list FFU synthetic wood for railway sleepers (229 KB)